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We are the Fermentation Ninja, Geru and Titus - once kimchi, always kimchi.

Although the wild fermentation seized us many years ago, it developed into passion and fervor in autumn 2015 when each of us wanted to conjure up the best kimchi in the world, our world.

Then there was no stopping. No turnip, no tuber, no cabbage, and no fruit at the weekly market could hide from us.

Our kitchen mutated into a fermentation lab, in the hallway the shoe rack and wardrobe had to give way to the new storage shelves and the cellar burst at the seams with embedded ferments.

Our hearts still beat for classics like sauerkraut, kefir and sourdough bread. In the meantime, we are dedicated above all to creative ferments that have sprung up in our experimental years, as well as old, almost forgotten recipes and traditions from all over the world.

In our products, we rely mostly on sustainably grown food from the regions of Berlin Brandenburg and Mecklenburg Vorpommern (where we live) and like to engage with local farmers wherever we go.

On our trips, we look forward to every rarity we find. And of course, with particularly exotic recipes from distant realms of the world, we depend on imports from these specific regions.

Not only is fermentation durable and eating healthier, but it's also a creative art and a way of living, a YES to life.

This love for bacteria & Co., as well as our combined knowledge, we convey at our workshops and events.

Anker Geru

As a trained chef and restaurateur, his 20s turned his hobby into a career and he completed training as a health trainer, Zen massage therapist, and nutritional therapist.
In Zurich, he led renowned gastronomic companies for around 10 years and most recently runs his own Personal Training Studio.
2015 and 2016 were followed by educations as a nutritionist and Raw Chef. This is also the time when he dug in the depths fermentation and 2017 in Berlin a small fermentation restaurant together with Titus, in which the first workshops took place.
He currently leads workshops in Zurich and Berlin and is trained to become a Soulresponding Coach.

Geru Karuna Pulsinger

Nutritional Therapist
Private & Raw Chef
Zen Therapist

Anker Titus

Titus is a food ninja through and through.
Grown up in the field of lifestyle gastronomy, he completed his training as an event manager in 2012 and ran his own catering business during that time.
Since then he discovered his love of fermentation and from then on, it was all about nutrition, sports, and health.
As a passionate runner and Crossfit enthusiast, he mastered the balancing act of yoga and meditation.
2015 and 2016 followed the training to Paleo Coach and Raw Chef (with Boris Lauser)
In 2017, together with Geru, he started the first workshops in the shared and beloved Fermenting kitchen in Neukölln, Berlin.
In addition to workshops, Titus is devoting himself to his second great passion, food photography, and is currently being training as a Thai Yoga masseur.

Marcel Titus Kruse

Raw Chef
Paleo Coach
Event Manager

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